CFM Holdings Limited

Corporate Profile


Established since 1979, CFM has evolved into a customer-focused manufacturer providing metal stamping services, design, fabrication and the sale of tool-and-die used for the manufacture of stamped metal components. Backed by production facilities in Malaysia, the Slovak Republic and China, our Group supports a customer base of MNCs.

CFM reached an important milestone in our corporate history with the launch of our Initial Public Offering on 16 January 2004.

As part of the Group’s diversification plan, the Group has acquired a new subsidiary trading in disposable and wearable for use in pharmaceutical, cleanroom, bio-medical, laboratories and hospitals in FY2015.

Today, we serve customers in the electronics industry as well as customers from the automotive, telecommunication, technology, M&E industries and pharmaceutical industries.


CFM envisions to be a global business name that delivers quality, performance, integrity, teamwork & innovation to the satisfaction of our customers.


We aim to deliver high quality components to our customers by implementing stringent process control and deliver at a lowest cost possible. In addition, we strive to constantly upgrade our skills and keep abreast with technological advancement to satisfy beyond customers’ requirement.

Corporate Milestone


Acquisition of
CFM Infratrade Pte Ltd


CFM Holdings Limited
Listed at Singapore Stock Exchange


Incorporate of
Dalian CFM Precision Tooling Co. Ltd


Incorporate of
CFM Slovakia S.R.O


Incorporate of
Hantong Metal Component (M) Sdn Bhd


Incorporate of
Hantong Metal Component (Penang) Sdn Bhd


Incorporate of
Cheong Fatt Holdings Pte Ltd