Cleanroom Garments

Ensuring the highest level of contamination control, our cleanroom garments are engineered for comfort, durability, and compliance with stringent industry standards. Each piece, from coveralls to lab coats, is designed to maintain the integrity of cleanroom conditions, providing an essential barrier against particulates and microbial contamination.

Cleanroom Bags

Protect your sensitive products with our specialized cleanroom bags. These bags are manufactured from materials that minimize the risk of contamination and are suitable for use in controlled environments. Their integrity and durability ensure safe storage and transportation of critical items within and outside the cleanroom.

Cleanroom Gloves

Precision and safety go hand-in-hand with our range of cleanroom gloves. Crafted to provide excellent tactile sensitivity while safeguarding against contaminants, these gloves are ideal for delicate operations. They are available in various materials and sizes to suit diverse cleanroom applications.

Cleanroom Hoods

Complete head coverage is a necessity in critical environments, and our cleanroom hoods are designed to meet that need. Offering full head and neck protection, these hoods are constructed from non-shedding materials to maintain a contaminant-free cleanroom atmosphere.

Cleanroom Shoes

Step into a realm of sterility with our cleanroom shoes. These shoes are not only comfortable for long-wearing periods but also constructed to impede the introduction of particulates into clean environments. Their robust design ensures durability and adherence to cleanroom standards.

Cleanroom Wipes

Our cleanroom wipes are the pinnacle of purity and performance. Manufactured to leave no residue and engineered for maximum absorbency, these wipes are indispensable for maintaining critical cleanliness in your controlled environment, ensuring that surfaces remain free from contamination.

Cleanroom Equipments

CFM Infratrade offers a broad array of cleanroom equipment designed to uphold a pristine environment. From HEPA-filtered air showers to laminar flow workstations, our equipment ensures consistent compliance with the rigorous demands of cleanroom standards.

PPE Disposable Items

Our PPE disposable items provide essential protection in environments where hygiene and safety are paramount. Lightweight, yet durable, these items are designed for single-use, ensuring that each experience is as clean and contaminant-free as the last.